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Please look below and click through the Prescreen Audition Package slideshow (clicking on the left and right arrows or swiping through if you’re on a mobile device) for all of the information, including add-on a la carte options. If you are interested in purchasing any of these packages or a la carte options, please complete the google form at the bottom of this page. If you’d like a printable pdf of this information, please click here.

I am excited to offer these packages to rising high school seniors who will be auditioning for a college/university/conservatory program with a specialty in Musical Theatre, Acting, or Music.

What’s the Goal?

My ultimate goal with these packages is to guide students through this stressful process in an encouraging, safe, and professional environment that will allow them to explore and create something they are proud to submit. Back in 2003-2004, my parents and I were clueless about what was required for the college audition process. We felt overwhelmed, and as a result, I didn’t apply to many of the schools I was interested in attending. I do believe that I landed where I was supposed to be (OBU!), but I always look back and wish I would have been more prepared for the college audition process.

I have been teaching private voice and acting lessons for 7 years. Since opening my business, I have helped many students with their college audition material. AKCollier Studio students have gone on to wonderful schools, including, Syracuse University, University of Alabama, New York University, Oklahoma City University, Southeast Missouri University, and Florida State University. I now feel like I have a good grasp of what is required for college auditions, and I want to help others understand the process.

I want my students and their families to feel informed and supported. My goal is to help you get everything ready to submit so you can enjoy their senior year – instead of sitting with your stomach in knots trying to check all your audition items off your list. While there are other companies across the country that offer these types of services, I am hoping this option provides less of a financial burden, and more of a personal touch for students in central Arkansas.

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