Hourly = $60.00 (no more than 4 hours/day)
1 day = $240 (four hours contact time)
1 week = $1,200 (five working days)
1 month = $4,800 (four weeks)


I am an artist on the Arkansas Arts Council’s Arts in Education Roster, which allows me to collaborate with educators and community members to create meaningful workshops and residency opportunities (up to 10-days) that  “strengthen the role of the arts in preK-12 educational settings by fostering participation in the arts as an integral part of life and the basic education process” or will “enrich the lives of adults of all experience levels and abilities through quality arts learning experiences.”

Thanks to the support of the Arkansas Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts educators and organizations can apply for a mini-grant that will provide a 1:1 match to assist with the investment of an arts in education residency.


If I live more than 35 miles from the residency site, reasonable round trip travel expenses may be requested. Travel by car should be estimated at 42 cents per mile.


If a school or organization requesting a multi-day residency is more than 50 miles away accommodations may be requested. Schools/organizations working with a mini-grant for the residency will find that the Arkansas Arts Council “will fund meals at $55 per day and lodging expenses up to a maximum of $94 plus tax per night for the artist during the In-School Residency program. If an artist must travel more than fifty miles per day, it is recommended he or she stay overnight in the site’s community. Prior to submitting an In-School Residency application, the sponsoring organization or school should consult with the artist to determine acceptable lodging arrangements prior to submitting the application. Sponsors are encouraged to pursue possible in-kind donations for lodging.

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