“logic will get you from a to b. imagination will take you everywhere!” – albert einstein

I am listed artist on the Arkansas Arts Council’s Arts in Education Roster and am available for residency and workshop opportunities within a school setting or community organization. I will use the arts as a tool to assist with teaching the core curriculum, further the knowledge and experience of young artists in their artistic field, and guide adults through a creative process in music and theatre. Participants can expect to gain a strong foundation in music, theatre, and/or musical theatre skills through a nurturing environment that allows participants to find freedom in their expression of knowledge in a variety of subjects. These experiences will build upon each student’s individual skills, allowing them to better communicate and collaborate with others, and learn strategies to grasp new concepts.

Click here to view my residency fees and learn about how your school or organization can complete a short mini-grant that will provide a 1:1 match to assist with the investment of an arts in education residency.

To schedule a residency or workshop, please click here to complete my online request form.

Photo credits: Performance of Art to Go with Wildwood Park for the Arts
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