Song Analysis


  1. Name of Song/Show:
  2. Creative team (composer, lyricist, author):
  3. Song Setting (Place, Time Period, etc.):
  4. Year song was written:
  5. Song style (classic musical theatre, contemporary musical theatre, pop/rock, classical- define specific period, etc.):
  6. What events were occurring during this era? If from a larger work, consider the era as set in the setting. If a stand alone piece, consider the era as the year the song was written. Include pop culture and historical events.
  7. Character Name (if known):
  8. Quick synopsis or outline of plot to this point (if from a larger work):

Motivations and Song Mapping

  1. What happened to make you sing this song?
  2. Who are you singing to?
  3. What does your character want to get, give, or do with the song they are singing?
  4. Where is the climax of the song?
  5. List all the things you learn about your character or the story from your song.

Personal Connections

  1. Do you connect to this character? If so, how?
  2. Do you connect to the song? If so, how?
  3. What would you be like if you were living in this era? Era defined in question 6 under facts section.

Other Opportunities to Explore

  1. Create a list of ways you are different from and similar to the character.
  2. Make a mood board for the character. This can be via a file you create on instagram or just a google document with photos that would show elements of the character’s style, interests, beliefs, etc.
  3. What acting verbs would you use when changing tactics? Check out this website for inspiration.
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